How to choose the right accountant?

When is the right time to change your accountant? Audit after audit, fine after fine or lost funds and time - these are some of the reasons why businesses resort to changing accounting firms. 

How to choose the right accountant for your business?

  • Are you informed in a timely manner about the state of the company and the optimizations you can implement? 
  • Do you track the company's income and expenses according to your monthly needs?
  • Are you aware of the programs you qualify for?
  • Having trouble getting financing or during tax audits or inspections?
  • Do you monitor the existence of obligations to the NRA and the timely submission of documents to the NRA?
These are important questions to consider if you have doubts about whether your current accountant is the right fit for your company's development. 
Fiscally responsible people or company managers bear both the successes and the fines of managing your company's finances accordingly. For the successful management of the business, business owners must work in sync with the company's accounting cases and communicate their expectations for the company's development with its financial capabilities at any given moment. 

The right accountants approach the company's cases responsibly, taking into account facts and figures to organize in the right direction. Proper communication and timely intervention in potential errors can save a manager from paying unjustified fines. 

Should you choose to hire an accountant to the company or directly contact an accounting firm? 

You need to answer the following question - what volume of work does our company require? You can consult an accounting firm to estimate exactly how much your business has grown. An outside organization would keep your bookkeeping organized and prioritized, with a lower budget than an entire month's full-time salary for another staff member for your company. In the accounting office, you can get advice and guidance based on experience and already successful projects of other businesses with similar problems. 

Features that help in finding the right accountant are: 

  • Competence on the issues that concern you
  • Transparent and fast communication with both clients and institutions 
  • Traceable organization and delegation of tasks to the right specialists
  • Corresponded and reasoned price increase for specific accounting services
  • Not exceeding permitted actions on behalf of the company and confirming all authorized services in advance
  • Adherence to deadlines and schedules
  • Maintaining proper confidentiality and not sharing the current state of the company outside the accounting company
  • Years of experience and satisfied clients in the portfolio of the accounting firm

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